Victoria Jones

Deacon Assistant

Victoria grew up in North Carolina, graduating from UNC–Chapel Hill in 2010 with a double BA in journalism and English literature and later doing some coursework in worship and the arts at Regent College in Vancouver. Whether in church or non-church contexts, she appreciates the spiritually formative power of music, poetry, visual art, and other categories of art. She runs the blog, curates art for the Gallery section of the Daily Prayer Project’s Living Prayer Periodicals, and is a creative director of the Eliot Society, a faith-based arts nonprofit that organizes concerts, lectures, and other community events in the Annapolis area. She has been a member of City of Hope since 2016, where she serves as the director of music and a deacon assistant. She and her husband, Eric, live in Linthicum and enjoy cooking new recipes together, hosting game nights, traveling, and watching a range of movies, from Chaplin to Koreeda.

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