Scott Godefroy

Ruling Elder

 Scott entered the world in New Orleans in the loving family of a Canadian father and a mother with roots in Baton Rouge. They raised him and his three brothers mostly in Texas, where Scott went to college. In college, Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:32-33 gripped him and Scott started to acknowledge Our Lord. In college, too, he met Pipit, and they married just after college. Later that year they first joined a Presbyterian (PCA) church together and shared together in the life of God’s Church. Since then the Lord has used His Church in countless ways to encourage and enrich them. In 2020, after moving to Columbia, they started to attend City of Hope and Scott started to serve as an elder in 2022. In their spare time, Pipit, Danielle, and Scott can often be found walking together, working in their garden, or enjoying a book or movie together.

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