The Gospel Is Life-Changing

The Gospel is a story of redemption; not just for the individual but for the entire world. We were created by God to glorify Him; to spread His image over the entire universe, to be fruitful and multiply in all spheres of our lives. But when sin entered into the world through our willful rebellion and disobedience, our very nature became corrupted, and our world became a fallen place; filled with every kind of evil with no hope of mankind being able to redeem themselves.

God, in his love and mere good pleasure, send His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, fully God and fully Man, to enter and dwell among us; to live the perfect life we could not live, die the death we should have died on the cross, and take the curse of sin upon Himself. This redeeming work on the cross gives us a righteousness we could not earn and a forgiveness we could never accomplish on our own. The promise of Scripture is that if we receive Christ by faith, we are united to Him in all of the blessings of this selfless act of grace and mercy. In this, we are made a New Creation, responding and living in the outflow of that grace in gratitude, with the mission to Love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, love our neighbors as ourselves, and go and make disciples of all nations.

There is so much more to unpack here about this wonderful news of the Gospel, and we'd love to explore this message with you as a church. The Gospel is great news for all who believe, and we long to proclaim these truths every time we are together; to worship, celebrate, and live out this grand story.

We are a church of the Presbyterian Church of America. For more specifics on our doctrinal beliefs, please visit our Resources Page for more details.

Our Core Values

Gospel Centered

We believe that the Church is ultimately not about us, but about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, told through the story of the Kingdom of God being established in the already and the not yet.

The story of redemptive history is one of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and New Creation.  The story of individual redemption being God, Man, Christ, Response.  Both are good frameworks to help us understand the work of the Kingdom of God being present in meta and micro narratives.

Being Christ Centered means considering how the Church as a community can center the communities and culture around them to see more than the activity of the Church, but the Gospel itself working through cultural renewal.  It is in the Church displaying the glory of God through the work of word and deed that gives Jesus the most glory.

It is this commitment that guides our interpretation of Scripture, the focus of our sermons, the singing of songs in our worship, and the kind of community we long to be.

Extending Grace to Connect People to Kingdom Mission

We believe that the purpose of our lives is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever; which is why we long to connect people to the mission of living for the glory of God and His Kingdom.  This involves every aspect of life; from Work, to Family, to Evangelism, to Discipleship, and church.  The mission of God is the mission for all believers, and we long to connect people to this great purpose.

Extending Grace to Connect People to Loving Service

Jesus came to serve, not to be served.  When we examine Jesus’ life, we see a Christ who served the poor, the needy, the sick, the marginalized, and even those who doubted or opposed Him.  When we consider our call to follow in the footsteps of Christ, we long to connect others to a Gospel of loving service and provide opportunities to eemplify that in each other’s lives.

Extending Grace to Connect People to One Another

It is not good for us to be alone.  We were created for relationship and fellowship with one another; the bible explicitly uses metaphors that signify our need of the diversity of gifts in the unity of the body of Christ.  We long to connect our church to one another, whether it be through our small groups, our volunteer opportunities, or just even helping each other move; all of these are connections for us to love one another as the churches of past did.

Extending Grace to Connect People to Jesus Christ

One of the great joys of the church is to see others come into faith in Jesus Christ.  We long to do this through our Sunday Worship, our Sunday School classes, and evangelism efforts in our workplaces and the world around us.

We also partner locally and globally with people and organizations that try to connect Jesus in a variety of ways.  For more information on our ministry partners, visit our Local and Global Partner pages.

A Confessional Church

We believe that Christianity is and always has been a confessional community. From the Apostles Creed, The Nicene Creed, and others; historic Christianity has always been tied to the truths of Scripture in proclamations of the faith.  As a church in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA), we hold to the Westminster Standards as our confessional documents that distinctly hold our convictions on a variety of theological and practical concerns.

For more information on the Westminster Standards, visit our denominations website here for more info.


For The City

We believe that the work of the local church is to belong to a local community.  In doing so, we seek opportunities for us to seek the flourishing of our city in Columbia, and to seek out the good of the community around us.  (Jeremiah 29:4-7, Acts 1:8)

For more, click here

Justice And Mercy

We believe that one of the calls of God is to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before our Lord.  It is for this reason we long to be truth tellers about both the justice of God and the mercy of Christ in our world today.  The Church is called to this great mission in areas of oppression, injustice, racism, abuse, and so much more.  These are the outpouring of a Gospel filled life; that in both indicative and imperative, faith and works, the word who becomes flesh and dwells among us is glorified in the acts of justice and mercy of the Church.