Meet Our Leadership Team

Committed to Humbly Loving and Serving

Brian C. Wood

Teaching Elder

Pastor Brian Wood originally hails from Philadephia, PA.  He graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary with a Master’s of Divinity and has served as a pastor in several congregations over the last 20 years.  In 2011, Brian married his lovely wife; they have three children and are soon expecting a fourth.  Brian loves our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church and looks forward to serving Christ with his new church family, which he joined in fall, 2018.

Matt Aldrich


Matt and his wife Stephanie have two daughters and a son. They both graduated from Grove City College with engineering degrees in 2011 and got married later that same year. They began attending City of Hope in 2014 after teaching English as missionaries abroad. Matt now works as an engineer and Stephanie stays home with the children.  Both Matt and Stephanie helped to start the ESL program at City of Hope.

Eric Jones


Eric and his wife, Victoria, hail from North Carolina, where they met in high school and married in 2010. They spent the next five years in Boston as Eric attended graduate school. During their time there, Eric and Victoria were active in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, through which they led a small-group Bible study and ministered to the graduate community on campus. After graduation in 2015, they moved to Maryland and began attending City of Hope. Eric now works as a materials engineer and Victoria writes and lectures about the intersection of art and theology.

James Rankin


James and his wife, Nancy, are the proud parents of two daughters, one is in college and the other a recent graduate.  The Rankins have been involved with City of Hope Church since its founding in 2007, and before that, with its predecessor, Mt. Zion Covenant Church.  James works as an engineering consultant.

Ronny Wahba

Ruling Elder

Ronny and Tiffany Wahba reside in Laurel, MD with their sons, Simon and Dexter and daughter Ann. They have attended City of Hope since its inception in 2007, and attended Mount Zion before that (2004). They were married in 2008 after meeting one another in August of 2004 at the University of Maryland’s Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Chapter. They enjoy spending time together and with their church family. Ronny is a Professional Engineer who analyzes vehicle accidents and Tiffany stays at home with their children and volunteers as an RN at the Laurel Pregnancy Center.